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Dean’s Lecture Series – “Knowing is not Enough: From Awareness to Praxis”

Join Dr. Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Texas-Rio Grande, in her lecture about education equality and learn what you can do to combat this issue plaguing the educational community. Free and open to the public. 

This event will be held in the JSAC Ballroom. 

The need to ensure equitable educational opportunities for all learners has been at the forefront of many education discussions and research efforts. Federal and state legislation changes, reform initiatives, litigation, and advocacy efforts have attempted to solve equity issues in education including school choice, and teacher quality. 

Despite these initiatives and focused efforts, the fact remains that certain segments of our P-12 population continue to experience disparate academic experiences and outcomes. This is especially relevant for students of color, English Learners, and students with disabilities. How do we move from knowing to praxis? How do we shift the focus from what do we need to do, to why we are not doing it? How do we hold ourselves accountable for the changes we espouse as necessary? How do we remain cognizant of the need for vigilance and continuous attention given the nature of wicked problems? What can we learn from our P-12 learners that can inform our efforts? How do we shift from one-size-fits all perspectives that leads us to search for a magic bullet, to a deep understanding of the importance of attending to context, content, and learner? The goal of this presentation is to engage in dialogue with participants to explore these and other questions that can shed light on how we move from awareness to praxis.