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RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Exhibition Canceled

The RE/MAX hot air balloon exhibition and rides previously scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 16 have been canceled due to weather forecasts predicting high winds and cold weather. The hot air balloon exhibition will be rescheduled for some time in the early spring.

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Annie Laurie Sturkey Gebauer

A memorial service will be held for Annie Laurie Sturkey Gebauer at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Asbury Hall, Wesley Commons, Greenwood. Private burial will be held at a later date.

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Blood Moon over McCormick

  Skip Kask sent in this photo of the lunar eclipse of Jan. 20-21. The term “blood moon” refers to the coppery color the moon takes on during this type of eclipse. Below, Skip explains the process of producing this photo:  “I went out last night to photograph the blood moon over McCormick. Though it…

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